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Boat House, 152/21 City Road,
Hoxton, N1 6NG, UK.


Main Services

Moving Your Products Across
All Borders

Our Effective and Affordable Pricing Plans

We offer the best pricing for an excellent and efficient delivery services.

Value Added Services

Apex MoveHub Courier Offers Various Value Added
Services in Logisitcs

Cargo Insurance

At our global logistics company, we offer comprehensive cargo insurance services to protect your shipments during transit.
With our extensive network of insurance providers, we ensure that your goods are covered against loss, damage, theft, or any unforeseen events.
Our cargo insurance provides peace of mind, minimizing financial risks and allowing you to focus on your business.

Customs Clearance

As a leading global logistics provider, we specialize in efficient customs clearance services.
Our experienced team handles the complex procedures and regulations of different countries, ensuring compliance and timely movement of your shipments across borders.
We streamline the process, reducing potential delays and ensuring smooth logistics operations for your business. Trust us for hassle-free customs clearance solutions.

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